Hello world;

On this page I smashed together a list of various assorted experiments. Browse through them and have a look at them.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback - please drop me a line. And do not forget to visit the official site of mine: www.weltenkonstrukteur.de.

Enjoy and have a nice day!

List of experiments

DBF Greetings Typer :: 09-2008, Flash
A little typer function written in Actionscript used for some shoutouts.
LowRes Cam :: 08-2008, Flash
Manipulating live streaming camera-input-data to a palette of 4 green colors only.

Simple Starfield :: 08-2008, Flash
A very simple 3D starfield.
Sketchy Cube :: 07-2008, JavaSE
A rotating 3D wireframe cube with sketchy lines.

Grass Veins :: 07-2008, JavaSE
An applet showing some growing veins algorithm.
p1nkpong / monopong :: 02-2008, C++, OpenGL
Small windows game in only 1kb.

Pie Draw :: 08-2007, JavaScript, JSFBGL
A simple drawing effect using the JSFBGL.
Bouncing Circle Scroller :: 02-2007, JavaSE
A bouncing circle scroller applet demo.

Human Typer :: 02-2007, JavaScript
A javascript routine simulating a human typer effect.
Hypnosis :: 11-2006, C++, PixelToaster
Psychedelic effect using the Pixeltoaster framework.